xxtroubledangel Requested:

Do you all have links on how to make a cosplay for Isabelle from Animal Crossing?

No I don’t think there are any on this blog for her. D: 

crushondeanlikeafairy Requested:

Hi! I read yoyr Abaddon cosplay ref (im tryin to do the devil made me do it one) and I looked at all your wig links, but I cannot find one to work.... I was wondering if you had time if you could do me a wig ref? Pwetty pwease?

Oh hey! I didn’t actually do that ref, one of the others did. The links worked at the time, but sometimes if a wig is no longer available or the site is down the links can be broken. I’ll take a look after dinner and so if any can be fixed.

Anonymous Requested:

Hey there! I was wondering if you'd done any refs for the Harry Potter characters? And if you had if you could link me to them? Thanks so much!!

No I don’t think so? But Hermionie is on the list.


I’m thinking of advertising again for Admins/Reffers because it’s really just me again which is why not many have been done and the list is growing constantly. So if you’re interested let me know otherwise I’ll advertise soon.



Anonymous Requested:

Hi there, I was wondering if you guys have ever done anything for the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I'm thinking for Columbia mainly? Just wondering!

No I don’t which is a travesty!



Review: Portland Black Lipstick Company

Anyone who went through a babybat phase knows the horrors of costume makeup. Black lipstick in particular is something that’s easy to come by in the Halloween section of the local drugstore. You know the one. Cheap, greasy, lasts about five minutes before melting off your face? Yeah we’ve all been there. Let’s try not to think about it anymore. For a while now I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect grown up black lipstick. “Perfect” meaning it must meet the following requirements:

1. Affordable—there are some higher end black lipcolors out there that get great reviews, but frankly I can’t spend thirty bucks on a lipstick. I have bills to pay, and booze to buy.

2. Opaque—a lot of the cheaper stuff is very sheer. I wanted maximum coverage.

3. True black—not a dark purple or blue like cheaper lipsticks

4. Long lasting—something I can wear all day, every day without having to touch it up often.

After a bit of searching and reading other reviews online, I finally found my perfect match at Portland Black Lipstick Company, a small indie cosmetics company based in (duh) Portland, Oregon. The fact that their products are independently and ethically produced is a bonus on top of meeting all four of my criteria. I bought their Original Black Lipstick back in September, and it’s been my absolute favorite lip color ever since.

At nine dollars plus shipping, it’s way too affordable not to try. Because it’s so inexpensive I had some doubts about it’s quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. You get much more than you pay for here. The photos above were taken after one swipe, and you can see that the color and the coverage is excellent. It has exactly the sort of black leather look I wanted. And it really does last all day! I wear it to work almost every day now and other than touching up after eating, I hardly need to worry about it at all.

The only drawback I can find is that the lip balm style tube it comes in can make application a little messy, but if you’re careful (or use a lip brush) it’s no biggie. Only a small flaw in an otherwise excellent product.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very affordable, high quality black lipstick. They have lots of other interesting colors that I see myself trying in the future. I’ll be sure to post more photos when I do.

I know the lady behind this one-woman business, and have talked a good bit with her about her work. She’s recreating Victorian cosmetics using original recipes, and considering all the petrochemical-based stuff available on the mainstream market, her creations are a nice alternative for those of us concerned with the environment and what we put on and in our own bodies.

mashiarasdream Requested:

I'm slightly scared about the #dead tag in your answer but then maybe it was supposed to be #dean? I hope you don't want me dead!! Anyway, thanks your reply, I had found that reference but didn't see 2014!Dean on it. I'll have to compile my own reference then I fear (darn, yours are so awesome).

for some reason it always autocorrects to dead when i write dean.

when I originally did the ref, I asked if anyone had any particular requests, but like most time when I ask questions I got no reply, so I tried to pick ones that were different to his main one. 

I know Cas’s has his 2014 outfit but maybe I couldn’t find good enough refs at the time.


mashiarasdream Requested:

I love your blog, the references are extremely helpful! I wanted to ask if you have a future/2014/endverse!Dean Winchester reference anywhere? Thank you!

This is the only Dean ref I have, I think: (x)


Anonymous Requested:

Do you have any sort of tutorials, refs, etc on how to make a Bombers jacket (or even an old school pilot jacket)?

Not make no. 

Well theres this one but idk anything about it (x)

Jack Harkness Cosplay Refs and Help.

Coat: Technically it’s supposed to be a WWII, RAF Officer’s Greatcoat. But since i own a coat made from similiar or the same material as these were traditional made in. I can tell you…those fuckers are not only hot but heavy. Which is why John’s were no doubt made of lighter stuff. He had about 5. Some for stunts, some for just the look.

The one commonly used after Season 1 is made of lighter stuff, and possibly not wool like the original. It also has a belt at the back. Some people have said the fabric might be cotton moleskin. The colour is a toss between grey and blue depending on the lighting. 

Theres a vent at the back between the shoulders, quite a long one. His braid has about four stripes. Except there are no captains in the RAF, just group captains. So theres a mistake there…Buttons have the kings crown on them.

Info: 1.

Buy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Rest of the Outfit: With the shirt, mainly blues, worn over a plain white tee. One person made a list of the varieties of shirts he’s worn. Military Light Blue, Light Blue, Light Pigment Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, White, Seafoam Green,Medium blue striped with light blue base and White with light blue and brown stripes.

Worn over these are braces, usually in grey. Although there is a red pair. His has a Y Shaped back and button tabs at the front, instead of clips, for fastening them to his trousers. These can be a tad harder to find so if you can’t don’t worry. Either buy a pair of ordinary grey ones and/or remove the clips and make the button tabs. 

His trousers are usually in shades of grey (hah get it? nvm) and appear to be made of a wool like fabric. A belstaff brown belt is usually worn with these (The real one cost up to $70 so make down with a cheap one if you can and when done up, the tongue is always pointing to the left). The trousers have a nice crease down the front so remember to keep them ironed. 

His boots are Caterpillar brand boots in brown, with brown laces.

Other Things: He wears a plain black leather watch. Any will do. He has a RAF Officer’s Webly holster (or it’s supposed to be) in dark brown leather with a closeable flap. It’s always worn on his right, slightly to the back. Occasionally he wears silver spitfire cufflinks. Also waistcoats. Some are black, some navy blue. Usually have lapels with five buttons, the top is always undone.

If he wears the waistcoat, it’s worn with a pocketwatch in gold. The watch is in his right pocket.

There’s also the Vortex Manipulator. Buy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The Hair: Short, brown and parted to the side. Any will do. Your own hair or a wig. Good luck! 

Hopefully this is helpful in someway, sorry it took so long.