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Clara “Oswin” Oswald Cosplay Refs and Help! 

From Asylum of the Daleks to A Nightmare in Silver.

(Name of the doctor will have its own post if requested)

Clara became the companion of the Eleventh Doctor following the Ponds departure. She is called an occasional companion because unlike most travellers in the Tardis, she only travels once a week, usually wednesdays. She is a mystery to the Doctor because she has apparently died twice. 

Clara wears a long sleeved red dress, it’s back longer than it’s front. The brand is Silence + Noise Space Dye Dress in Red. She wears either a khaki jacket or a grey cardigan over the top. The cardigan is  Sparkle & Fade Drape Pocket Cardigan. She wears an eagle necklace over the top from Urban Outfitters. She also wears black boots with silver buckles and red gloves while on the motorbike. The gloves are Zara Studded Leather Gloves in Red. But you don’t have to get the brand name things. If you find things that are similiar or you can make them yourself, go for it!


Clara wears  blue dress with black and white crosses underneath a black leatherish jacket. The same shoes and stockings as the previous episode are worn in this one. She also sports a nice red shoulder bag. The dress is Silence & Noise Fishtail Shirtdress, which if you are lucky can be found on ebay. But if you find one similar or can make one yourself, go ahead! She also carries her book, 101 Places to See, with the red leaf inside.


She wears  very shiny, 80’s? style blue dress in this episode, with glittery heels and a russian cold war, military jacket. Now you will probably have to either make or find a similar jacket and sew bits on to achieve this look. Any shiny dress, whether you make it or buy it will do. The coat jacket has fluffy white cuffs. Also any glittery high heeled shoes with a buckle will do but the brand is Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels. She wears her hair up in a messy pony tail. She also has a small white purse which has a chain strap.


A blue patterned dress with a dark blue blazer, sleeves rolled up. Again she wears black stockings with different black lace up shoes. The dress is Pins and Needles Vintage-Style Ditsy Dress, but any will do. She wears gold bangles on her left wrist. An extra prop might be a candlestick holder..with candles.


Clara wears a cute red dress with a black collar and brown boots, very similar to the ones worn in Bells of Saint John. She wears her hair up in a bun. The dress is Vaudeville & Burlesque Fit and Flare Dress UK Urban Outfitters  but it does not sport the collar. Which may have been added to the dress after purchase, or is some sort of accessory. You can make a similar collar here. The shoes are Jules All Saints Biker Boots but like with the rest, any will do. Any patterned dress in similar colours is fine also. She also wears gold? triangle stud earrings in her ears, the point is pointing down.


Two more victorian dresses for Clara~ Making four in all. I’m going to direct you to that victorian site again. Here. It can help you way better than I can. She wears her hair very curly, possibly permed this time. You may need a wig for this one. 

Good luck…


A black and red patterned dress with a red collar is worn underneath a black leatherish jacket. Again, with black stockings and black lace up shoes. She wears at least 3 rings on her fingers. She also wears a gold wreathed badge with wings. The dress is Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Carnation Zip and the jacket is All Saints Axelle Denim Jacket. BUT ANYTHING SIMILAR IS FINE. 

Name of the Doctor will have its own post and anything related to Clara that is found or reblogged can be found under the tags: Clara, Clara Oswin, Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Cosplay.

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