Hiccup Cosplay Refs and Help!

(How To Train Your Dragon and Riders of Berk. Not Hot!Hiccup)

Outfit 1: The one he wears pretty much for the whole movie. It consists of a pale green, long sleeved tunic, dark green pants, a brown (fluffy), fur vest and leather/fur boots. There are light brown stitches at the neckline and around the wrists. He also wears a light brown belt around his waist. There are light stitches along the sides of the legs.

The boots are dark brown fur, with light brown leather. Ugg boots might work and add the fur. The fur for the boots and vest can probably be found at fabric stores. Unless you have luck with long green shirts and pants, you may have to make them. This might be better anyway, you want similar fabric to the movie outfit. 

Outfit 2: Flight outfit. Pretty much his normal outfit, except no vest. Shoulder pads in leather, with belts across his waist and chest. On the sides of the waist belt, he has little holders for staying on Toothless. In the centre of his chest is a yellow circle, bordered in silver. The back of the leather accessory is leather, stitched in dark thread. 

You’ll need leather, or faux leather for this project. Maybe vinyl. Silver buttons (not sure of their names), silver buckles etc. Good luck.

TV Outfit: Same as his standard one except inside of a fur vest he has a leather one instead. Also the missing leg…I wouldn’t advise cutting yours off for the cosplay lol. 

Wig: Reddy brown, with light brown highlights. Straight. Long fringe. Will probably have to style it yourself.

Props: Book and wooden pencil for spur of the moment designs. Leather apron for workshop fun. Stereotypical horned viking helmet. Shield and or sword. A Toothless. 



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