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Loki Cosplay Refs and Help!

Could I maybe bother you for some Loki references? It would be huge help.
This might be a long one, with mistakes but please bear with me.
ARMOUR: Loki’s armour in this is quite similar to that of Thor’s. Most noticably are the circles. Though his are a lot smaller and spaced out. Loki’s signature colours are of course gold, green and black and this is reflected in every outfit he wears. I can’t be much help with the armour I’m afraid, it’s not my forte. (right now that is suits worn be a cannibal named hannibal). But he does wear a long green cape, draped over hidden shoulder pads. This is under his armour and attached or decorate with small golden squares.
He also has gold vambraces and obviously a horny gold helmet. His signature golden necklace or decorating thingy is present on the armour as well. Idk, is it his simple? Or does he just like golden U’s?
ADORABLE LOKI OUTFIT: This isn’t really a good title…but it’s the second panel for Loki in the Thor movie. Loki wears some awesome tight fitting clothes in this. More black and green than gold. We have the necklace thing. We have more decorating squares but this time in silver. He wears a black overcoat thing but the sleeves are hard to discern. Much of the coat is edged with very fine gold. This inside is perhaps a greeny colour. 
Sleeves seem to be silver, possible a tunic of some kind. He wears black underneath the coat thing. And tight tight pants.
Sorry this ref mustn’t much help…
STANDARD LOKI: This outfit seems to be the most common. We have the sleeves black coat with the huge rubbery shoulder pads. The green tunic with the high collar, arms covered in vambraces. The criss-crossing chest thing in black, green and silver squares. 
Also we got that gold necklace thing going on too.
HAIR: Black and short. Swept back.
Armour: 1
No more, sorry Dx most I find are for the avengers. Perhaps you can modify those?
PROMO/ARMOUR LOKI: Very similiar to the previous ref. Some differences here is the small amount of gold armour. The shoulder pads are now covered in gold armour, with a bit decorating the sleevless coat. The upper and lower vambraces/armbraces are now gold. He wears a belt across his chest with a section larger and in gold.
Also that helmet and staff. They’re also gold. 
STUTTGART LOKI: Easiest Loki to do. Long black coat. Either a black vest or suit jacket underneath, over the top of a white shirt. Black tie and pants. Pretty light gold and green scarf with black circles.  Staff hidden as a gold walking stick that happens to glow. Yeah no one’s going to notice that.
SEXY LOKI NORMAL OUTFIT: Same as the first but without the cool gold armour. This outfit to me looks very worn. We still have the chest belt and braces and a bit of armour on one shoulder. But they looked damaged, much of their goldness has long since faded. This is again very similar to the outfit in Thor. 
The sleeves coat sort of has green lapels. The coat bordered in thin gold. With a brown stripe at the bottom, that used to be gold. Still wears the green tunic, most of the silver squares are hidden but still visible around his belly and thighs. 
His pants are either very long and cover/attach to his boots. Or those are special covers.
Boots are black and probably long.
HAIR: A lot longer and flicky at the bottom. Still black and swept back.
Armour: 1, 2, 3,
Staff: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Helmet: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
Outfit: 1, 2, 3
Scarf: 1, 2,
Other: 1,
(look elsewhere, don’t stop at these links)
OUTFIT 1: Loose, green tunic, one side crossing the other. Browny green pants. Probably loose as well. Rubber light and dark brown vest. Parts are edged in gold. Very similar to his shoulder pads in previous outfits.
Hair lush, swept back and long. He looks very healthy.
OUTFIT 2: (Probably takes place before outfit 1) Green, wrinkly, tunic with high collar. Pretty sure its the one he wears under his usual outfit. Hair is very messy and curly. He looks unhealthy. 
IGNORE LOKI ON A HORSE. (…heeehee loki on a horse.)
Sorry, not helpful. Perhaps after the movie, request another ref.
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